Sketchup for Interior Design books

Sketchup for Interior Design books
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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Designing Kitchens with SketchUp, a new book for interior designers

This nine chapter, 221 page masterclass is the ultimate Step by Step Tutorial guide for anyone wishing to get the grips with kitchen design using SketchUp.

Adriana's guide covers all aspects of kitchen design in an easy to follow hand holding fashion from 'Good Practice' to 'Preparing your construction documents' with Layout and everything in between the kitchen designer needs to know.

Many kitchen designers have used specialized software to make designs fairly quickly. The main benefit of this type of software is its catalogue of kitchen cabinets, as well as the instant pricing information. However, SketchUp is a very powerful tool that can be used for this type of task. SketchUp contains vast library collections that can be found in the 3D Warehouse, the low-cost investment in software needed (even free), and versatility of designs and materials available to apply on surfaces. Any custom design can be approached in a simple way, and designers can grow their own libraries for future use.

The reader will learn how to drag and drop cabinets, use plugins to create new components, how to create your own dynamic components with the ability to change size, material and dimensions or create a fast design using pictures or images. Tiles, backsplashes, countertops and a quick exploration adding lighting effects to designs with freeware and shareware alternatives will complete the knowledge you need to succeed in your daily professional life.

The book is available in Amazon in paperback and Kindle format. The PDF format can be purchased in or through Sketchucation website.