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Sketchup for Interior Design books
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Monday, September 30, 2013

Sketchup for Interior Design Revisited, two new books to master Sketchup 2013

In past May Sketchup 2013 was released. During this time I have concentrated on updating the content of my books to this version although many other authors chose not to update theirs as no substantial changes were introduced. Since the visual environment looks slightly different and some menus have changed I thought that there was a need to rewrite the contents especially for those who have no previous experience in Sketchup. I am happy to announce that we have just published “Sketchup for Interior Design Revisited” - Course 1 and 2. These two titles are now available on Amazon and Kindle. The PDF format is available at

"Training Course 1. Developing Basic Skills" offers to those that are new in the use of Sketchup 2013 the basic knowledge to draw, edit and manipulate various elements. This book focuses on the fundamentals for the interior design field. "Training Course 2. Acquiring Intermediate Skills" focus on maintaining the geometry of a model under control. Having a disorganized model can be a real headache and this book teaches how to use Groups, Components, Outliner and Layers for those wishing to reach a good end.

I am currently writing the most complex of all the four courses due to the differences between Windows and MAC. This third volume focuses on how to incorporate materials and textures and will be available in two months. Then, How to Communicate Your Ideas in a Convincing Way will be published.

In SketchUp 2013 two things are important to mention: the search and selection of appropriate plugins useful for interior designers through the Extension Warehouse, and creating documentation and presentations by using LayOut. The two first courses only use a couple of plugins as the audience for these two books are primarily students with no previous experience in Sketchup . The books provide information about the two versions offered by Sketchup: Make or Pro

The Extension Warehouse has been incorporating most of the known plugins. However, many of those that I frequently use are not yet showing when I request a search. To fill this gap I installed Sketchucation Plugin Store to complete my search options. Both, Sketchucation Plugin Store and Extension Warehouse as well offer the user a brief description of the use of the plugin and you can also make a search by topic of interest .

Layout includes now a variety of patterns to create architectural drawings. A great benefit for my students has been Speedier Vector Rendering that provides significantly less time waiting for LayOut to vector -render the contents of a model viewport. Another fantastic inclusion has been Numbered Pages in the Pages panel . No more counting down from the top of your Pages panel to figure out which is the page you want to print.