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Friday, November 2, 2012

Carving and Moldings in Sketchup

When we have to refer to elements that enrich our interior spaces we cannot forget of moldings and carving. There are many plugins that can help you to define a geometry to use in this kind of details. Today I will show a simple tutorial by creating a fireplace.

I know that not many SketchUp users take advantage of the Solid tools, but believe me, it’s amazing what you can achieve with them.  This is the final model of the fireplace. Note the carved flutes on both sides.

This is the way I did it:

  • I defined a flat face and a path.
  • I used Weld plugin to convert the disconnected edges of my curve into one entity. In this way I don’t see the edges on the curved surface.
  • Next, I used the Extrusion Tools by TIG to create the flute. 

  • I took the profile of the jamb and with the Push/Pull tool I completed the geometry. I converted it into a group to use it in a later step with the Solid tools.
  • I placed three flutes on top of the jamb. 
  • Check that you are in presence of volumes through the Entity info window, otherwise the Solid Tools can’t be used. 
  • Using the Subtract option, I took away one by one the flutes from the jamb to get this result
  • I used the Follow Me tool to complete the mantle and the frame 
Finally, I brought together all my groups to complete the fireplace.


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